Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pig tails and pink shoes

 Lorenz refusing to look at the camera
This outfit has been used already here: I changed the boots for the pink shoes, tights instead of nothing, and the cream white dress. And to make it even more different, I used half pig tails instead of all the hair low. I was very satisfied because although the outfit is the same, at least to me, it looks like something else with the little swap. ;)
And well, Lorenz(o) and I are becoming real good friends! I love him but he is still too shy in front of the camera.
 Lorenz still refusing to look at the camera

 Super childish pig tails to add volume to the head/hair and a cream white jersey :)

 Look twice!!! He is NOT looking at the camera :p

Yeah yeah... but i Still love you.

Jersey: Vintage

Amount spent on the outfit: Nothing

 Half pig tails if you are bored of the same old same old hair, with some curls. They add a lot of volume, but WARNING: Don't take them to the office since they are super childish, cute yes, but childish. They are good for a day where you want to look more innocent and younger.

Makeup: MAC and Chanel products: Concealer, foundation, lip pencil, lipstick, blush, eyebrow gel, white eyeliner (inside), white, 2 shades of grey and black eye shadow, liquid eyeliner, and 2 different mascaras, for tutorials, leave me comments :)

And no, he is NOT looking at the camera, and that is my red beret :)

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