Sunday, July 7, 2013

Stripes and Yellow

I'm sorry I've been absent for some days! But let me tell you the story: a friend asked me for my help modeling and with the make up in an artistic photo session that is his idea and that he is directing. We've been working on that. It is inspired in butoh dancing. I cannot give you many updates until the project is ready, but the photographer said I could post some of the pictures! But we'll have to wait. I am really anxious to see them.
Anyway, here is the outfit I am posting today, based entirely in an outfit used by Miroslava Duma :) . I think she is gorgeous. Of course the quality of her clothes is way much better than mine, but still, I think I did ok.
Hope you like!

Here is Miroslava Duma:

And here is a little sneak of the makeup of the photo session. Of course it won't look really cool until you see the costumes, proper light and all that :)

And well, this has nothing to do with anything, but Andrew and I were walking, and I was so fascinated of how they fix cables in Mexico, that I took a shot. 

No helmet, no protection, no ropes, and the ladder ON the cables... YES, on the cables. The guy was grabbing them WET (it was raining) without gloves...

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  1. Very nice outfit!!!! Love it!


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