Friday, May 10, 2013

Special guest: Maria Alejandra, Venezuela and its magic

The black hat looks fabulous on her! And her super big pants are fantastic!!
I posted in my last entry about Venezuela how much I love the country, their people, everything! I am still in touch with some amazing people from those lands that I really hope to see again!! They are incredible.
And here is Maria Alejandra, with a beautiful style and she is Venezuelan. Smiler, cheery, cool, relaxed, everything!! I was in love with her pictures. She is wearing monochrome but she is far from boring or simple! I love her style!
Don't miss her blog :) She has the best job on Earth! She is a fashion stylist :)

Always colors! I love it!!
Thank you so much, Maria Alejandra! Love the pics!

Angel Falls, Venezuela. The highest waterfall in the world. 

Margarita Island, Venezuela

Venezuela, it stole my heart!!

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