Monday, December 2, 2013

Special guest: Lovely Sarah, Germany

I know, I know. It is Autumn! But I can't help it. I almost never use pants because I feel my hips look horribly big! I know it is just a fake conception and that actually my hips are not even big but I can't help it! Ever after I stopped dancing (I used to dance ballet and contemporary), my whole body went a little bit curvier, and although that is not a bad thing, for some reason I can't get out of my head, I really feel pants don't fit me. That's why I almost never wear them. However, how can I stay away from pants when the fact is that most of the women use them? Specially in Autumn and Winter. But, to share some super cool outfits with my readers that are with pants, I have my lovely special guests to save my life. As Sarah, this time.
She is a fashion design student from Berlin, loves black (you will find it in many of her outfits, wearing it in many different ways) and has a gorgeous innocent look in her eyes. So deep, kinda sad (maybe it is not sad, but looks like it -and I love it-), and peaceful. Here is her blog url: She also has fascinating pictures of her sketches, and although she is "just" a student, they look perfectly professional and finished to me! She is very talented. I'm sure we'll hear from her in the fashion world in not long.
Thank you so much, Sarah!
 The reason why I picked this outfit, is because I love monochrome (it is a classic), and the touch of the hoodie is the perfect add for staying warm this cold days to come! Also, the flats give her a very casual look, perfect for an afternoon in the city.

Black nails are also timeless :)

♥♥ Germany ♥♥

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