Monday, September 2, 2013

Flea Market

I don't know why many people don't like flea and second hand markets. I know sometimes they are sucky but if you have patience enough, sometimes you can find really cool stuff!!! Designer clothes, vintage clothes, shoes for 1 USD, and all kinds of antiques. There was one in Lier (the next town after Drammen) the weekend, and they sold you whatever you could make fit inside a supermarket bag for 100 Kroner (less than 18 USD). At the beginning I was skeptical since everything looks old and used at first. But once you decide to see what is under all the clothes you see, move hangers and all that, you can find real nice things. I found two pleaded skirts that I saw in Oslo last year for around 50 USD each, and of course this time they were less than 1 USD!!!
I didn't take all the stuff I got on the picture, but here you have the main idea :).

Some items I've got :)

Outfit details: 
Tops: Vintage (both)
Skirt: Bik bok (a present)
Tights: Vintage

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