Sunday, September 1, 2013

Girly girl after being the ugly one

Pink and purple are a super girly girl combination. I have a confession to make: Don't laugh. I swear it's true. Ok... laugh... I used to be Goth in my early (and late) teens!!! How the heck did I end up wearing pink? I have no clue, but when I see at my pictures of many years ago I feel super embarrassed and I say to my self "What the heck was wrong with you???". Don't misunderstand, there are few pieces of goth clothes that are cool, and the total black look is also cool... but like... all at once? I promise one day I'll put pride aside and show you how I used to look. Some people say that goths use their looks to try to block social relations when they are too insecure and probably that's right, since I was really ugly in my childhood!!
Yes, ugly. And my mom never stopped saying how pretty I was! I wanted to tell her to shut the f..k up, because it was a big fat a..s lie!!!
Maybe you are thinking I am overreacting... but NO!!! To start, I was full of freckles, I had the braces that go outside your mouth making you look like a horse, used orthopedic shoes, was extremely skinny, but like really extremely, like a sack of bones I mean, my boobs didn't decide to appear until I was passed 14 when my weight was around 32 kilos (64 pounds) and I am not lying. They took me to the doctor many times to try to find out what the problem was with my weight, and they found nothing, that's just how I was, I even felt that I was gonna die looking like a human log. Vitamins, eating 5 times a day, junk food, they did nothing for my weight. It was until I started dancing on regular basis that I earned some muscular tone (passed 17).
I was super pale white looking kinda like a living corpse (I didn't learn to use makeup until I was older than 20, so I had no clue I could give some color to my colorless face, and before living in Cancun, my skin didn't agree to have the slightest tan).
No one showed me how to make my hair so it was like having a haystack on top of my head all the time, and no matter what product I used or how much I brushed, I couldn't make it look nice before I was like 18...
And well, before being goth of course I had no clue of how to dress, and although the mixes were not bad, they certainly did not do anything for my anorexic log figure.
So all started to improve at around my 20 year old birthday... but then I went back to Goth...
And now here I am with very decent makeup, some color, curves, healthy thinness, and wearing pink!!
I'll keep on writing about my teenage traumas soon. It's good to look at them as a passed thing :)

The makeup: Pink blush

Cardigan: Vintage
Leggins: Vintage (but they cost around 3 USD in local stores)
Shorts: Bik Bok (were around 3 USD on sales last year)
Shoes: H&M around 8 USD on sales

If we put it all together the amount was 14 USD

Makeup: MAC and Chanel products
Hair: No products, I used made some braids and made a little knot on them on top of my head. 

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