Sunday, September 8, 2013

Flowers on a skirt and the badger that became our neighbour

Andrew loves to leave pieces of old bread at night outside the cabin, so the birds can have a feast every morning. Sometimes after a while, they recognize us and they are not scared of us anymore. However, the bread has brought to our door many animals that although nice, they are not too trustworthy, including 3 mooses, dears, roedeers, foxes, and recently a badger. They are adorable but we have to be super careful of not making him (or her) angry, because they can bite. And now this one (I called him Fulgencio, or Fulgencia, if it is a girl), comes every single day between 10 pm and midnight, grabs a piece of bread, takes it away (I think to its den), and comes back for another one until all the bread is gone. I am sorry about the quality of the pictures, but snapping a badger at night is really difficult!
And about the outfit, well, nothing special, just for a quiet day :)

Outfit details:
Top and leggins: Vintage
Skirt: Bikbok

The makeup:
Chanel mascara and eyeliner, Mac and Revlon eye shadows

The neighbour (Fulgenci@)

He noticed me in this one!!!

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