Friday, August 30, 2013

Hello, sunlight!

Untill I came to Norway I didn't understand what was about the European passion for the sunlight. When I lived in Cancun, I used to work in a hotel, and all the Europeans loved to lie under the sun all day. And ever since I was little, sun and warm weather were the average. And sometimes in Mexico City, since there are no rivers or lakes nearby, sometimes you just hate the sun. But in Norway, sometimes it can pass weeks with rain everyday, or in winter that is cold all the time even in sunny days, and though, there are just few hours of sun!!
So, every now and then, that the sun comes out and it is actually warm, I learned what is to wanna lie down under its light all day long! :)
The last two pictures are of Drammen's Downtown and my first kinda successful shot to the moon :)

Outfit details: 
Pants: Bought in a local store in Mexico for around 8 USD
Shoes: HM sales
Watch: Michael Kors Madison Watch (Was a gift)
(I've had both for some months, but you know sometimes I forget I have stuff until I dig to the bottom of my drawers)
Makeup: MAC and Chanel products

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