Thursday, October 24, 2013

A day in Oslo

Andrew and I went to Oslo to listen to some music yesterday, in a little bar inspired in British pubs where many of his friends play every now and then. I really like to go there :). There was no snow, so before the music started, we went to the walking street (that I love) Karl Johans for a while, and although right now I am not in the position of buying anything, I really had fun on the stores, checking what is hot in Norway, and dreaming what would be the first thing I bought if I was rich. I think I would have picked a Louis Vuitton bag and defo some pieces of Moods of Norway. One of the Norwegian clothes brands that sponsors Top Model Norge. The bad news is that the weather is not good for any kind of heels anymore, I guess I'll have to save them for indoor parties for the rest of the season.
Anyway, here is the last outfit of the month, because today I reach 30 :)

Outfit details:
Dress: H&M Divides (Sales)
Scarf used as Hair band: Flea market

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