Thursday, October 3, 2013

Let's get psychedelic

 With vest:
How to get a short dress with long sleeves when it is not season? Use a stretch long top!!
In this outfit I am wearing a long sleeve cotton spandex top, and to make it look funkier (or not boring) I used solid color tights. I hope you like it!!

Without vest:

The outfit itself is very simple, but if you add big accessories (like the necklace) or solid colors, it gers a total twist :)

Outfit details:
Cotton top used as dress: Cubus
The makeup tutorial is on the previous entry.

Finally, I would love to share this beautiful portrait of me, my friend Zael made. It was after a photo session and he took the picture as a model to create this. On the photo session I was wearing a black wig and a black dress and I thought I looked like Morticia Addams, but then I got super happy with the result. Thanks so much, Zael!! :)

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