Sunday, October 27, 2013

Special guest: Beautiful Miranda from Zambia!

Yay! This is the first time I have a guest from awesome Zambia! Her name is Miranda and although she lives in the UK now I find always exciting to find people that lives or has lived in lands that sound really far and exotic to me. There is always so much to learn and so much to enjoy from countries that we barely know about. I just discovered that Zambia has the largest waterfall in the world: The Victoria falls, and awesome wildlife! Sometimes we picture people from far lands wearing the typical clothes from their country, but that is exactly how many people picture Mexicans: wearing zarapes and sombreros. Nothing farther from reality than that!
And well, Miranda has a beautiful luminous smile, style, and in her blog you can read pure sweetness! Check her blog :)
Thank you so much, Miranda!
 I love shiny colors and the contrast with her boots!

 This picture was not part of the outfit but I love her face and I think that she looks stunning in blue as well.

Victoria falls, Zambia

♥♥ The UK and Zambia ♥♥

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