Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Black with brown boots

Hi everybody! I wanna thank all the people that passed yesterday. I got 2000 visits! That means that my blog is growing and I feel really flattered! I visit as many blogs as I can everyday and support everybody who is trying to make a little name in the fashion industry as me. I know it is hard, but what else can we do if we love fashion? :) I feel very blessed for every visit, but in the same way I try to give back what I get, because I am convinced that if we fashion bloggers support each other (follow each other, comment, share posts), in no time our blogs gonna grow up even more!
And well, about me, still remodeling, but taking it slower because my hands needed a break, and about the outfit, I hadn't dressed in a black block in ages, but still I added brown on the hairband and boots to soften it a little bit. I hope you like it!

Outfit details:
Lace tank top: I forgot I had it. It is vintage.
Cotton skirt: Vintage
Makeup: MAC and Chanel

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