Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Girly and comfy

In Norway I have been at minus 32ºC and somehow I deal with it (not that I like it), but in Mexico City, today we were at 10ºC plus and I was freezing! I think the main reason is because the days in here are generally very hot. So, I went for a super comfy outfit, since today I had to walk a lot, but warm. The tights are made of cotton same as the jersey, and I think I have now a new favorite pair of walking shoes (Thank you to Maricarmen, who gave them to me!). On top of this, I added my brown coat, but I took this pictures at home (and home doesn't appear, because as I am remodeling, the place is chaotic). The model of shoes with the belt on the middle, is super girly, and since these ones have no heels, were perfect for walking!

Outfit details:

A dog and a cat :p

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