Saturday, November 30, 2013

Party night

So, yesterday I didn't post anything... because I was partying! I haven't gone out in a long time, and since I am busy remodeling my room (at turtle speed), networking and many other things, I was all tired and kinda grumpy before my friends got home to leave together. I was even regretting when I said "yes" to their warm invite, and I even said to them "I would like to be back home by 1 am if that's OK" (In Mexican Party language that is hell early), and that was the agreement. Yeah right... at the end of the night we had the hell of a good time together, dancing and chatting that we got back home at nearly 5 am!! I had a bloody good time! The place was a rock-metal club so I went for this outfit since my tartan skirt few days ago was a huge success, but in order to look a little more trashy I added the black top, and I know the scarf on the head has nothing to do with anything, but I like to have my face free :)

 This is me with my lovely friends: Adriana (left) and Monica (center)

 This is a pic I took from Adriana

And I took this one of myself :)
Outfit details:
Top: Vintage

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