Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Special guest: Fantastic Toma from Bangladesh

Toma is a stunning girl from Bangladesh that has a blog, more about make up than about fashion, but what's not to love about make up? :) She shows all kinds of styles, she has a lot of beauty and make up tips (fabulous, by the way), tutorials, and an amazing face to show us her tips (her face) :) . I am very happy with the first collaboration from Bangladesh, and I love it!!!
Check her link:
In this one she explains to us that this make up is special for The Pohela Boisakh, the biggest Bengal celebration :) However, I would have loved to see the entire outfit, since I love the colors she is wearing.
Thank you so much, Toma!

Beautiful Bengal Tiger from Bangladesh

Awesome pic from Bangladesh

Bangladesh: Magical!!

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