Friday, June 7, 2013


We have new members in the family: Two turtles, their names are López and González, and are tiny tiny water turtles. Andrew and I saw them and we fell in love with them. They are cute, funny, and friendly!
So when we got them, we spent like two days making research of how to give a pair of turtles a happy life: food, environment, weather, amount of water, how a turtle likes to spend its time, and on and on. That's why I was so delayed in entries. We had been shopping stuff for turtles, getting them used to us, and observing them to see how they react to each little thing we add to their box. It was supposed to be a fish tank or a turtle house, but since turtle houses were so small, and a fish tank super deep for them, even if it was not the coolest thing to the eye, we went for a plastic box because it is bigger, they can't see outside so they don't freak out with visitors or my dog, and all their stuff fits in there perfectly, including a little beach we made, and lots of water because they love taking deep swims.
So, here is my outfit, and our new sons (or daughters, hard to say by now).

This is my dog when I was introducing him to one of his little brothers, but he didn't care much, he just wanted snacks: 

The make up was inspired in Zooey Deschanel (MAC and Chanel)

This is Andrew with his new son: Lopez (Gonzalez is very shy)

These are López and González on the beach we created for them. Excuse me for the quality but I didn't want to use the flash for them not to be scared. 

This is González making friends. López was having a swim.

When I could catch López to model, here are both of them :)

These are two shots of their house

They love to hide under the tunnel when they sleep, you can see González close to a rock. The tunnel is NOT on top of him, it is some centimeters up, so he ha plenty of space.

The yellow top has appeared previously here: 
The black spagetti straps top has appeared previously here:
The necklace has appeared previously here: 
The turtles appear for the first time in the social media here :)
And the shoes were bought in a super sale on the street for around 12 USD
So the total amount spent on this outfit was 12 USD!!

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Read you soon!

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