Saturday, June 8, 2013

Spa day: outfit in pink and black

I have a friend that has a spa in a city very close to Mexico City called Cuernavaca, and she kindly invited Andrew and me to use the pool, the garden, and some of the treatments. Was an awesome experience that we couldn't deny under any circumstance, so, since the rest of the afternoon we totally forgot about the cameras, at least I was clever enough to take some pictures when we got there :)
Since I've been researching a lot about trendy combinations, black and yellow, and black and pink, are super strong, and cool! But I had absolutely nothing pink, so few days ago my mom maybe got moved by my puppy face and she got me these amazing shoes!
Finally I was able to mix black and pink!

This is a cat that lives on the property called Minnie, Andrew became good friend of her.

And here is Minnie posing, but she was a baaaad model! :p
The top has appeared previously here: 
The socks have been in my closet for ages
The necklace has appeared previously here:
And I don't even remember how much was the pink necklace, but I'm sure it was almost nothing :)
The shoes were a gift ;)
The make up (was) MAC and Chanel (because I've been sweating a lot)

Read you soon!
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