Sunday, June 23, 2013

Flowers in the rain and my first shot of a hummingbird flying

The hummingbirds got crazy with the feeder. Today we had four on the balcony and all of them stared at us through the window for many seconds. I was afraid they would get inside the apartment because I would not know how to take them out without hurting them at all, but it seems they are just curious about us.
They are not shy any more and they let us get very close to them and as long as we keep on feeding them, they seem quite happy. They even come in super rainy days!
So, here is today's outfit. And my first shot of Mojo, while flying.

I got the hat on a Covent Garden's street stand like 4 years ago, in London
The dress in a local store last yeare for around 8 USD, but it was too long, so I cut it

The makeup: 

Everything is MAC and Chanel, if you wanna know what I am using, let me know in a comment :)

And Mojo, the hummingbird!
 Cheeky Mojo flying

Mojo having dinner :)

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