Sunday, August 25, 2013

Drammen's River Festival

Diosa and me. I chose a super comfy outfit so I forgot about high shoes, or skirts because I knew we were gonna do all kinds of things.
Each year, by the end of August, there is a very popular Festival in Drammen, called The River Festival. People from all Norway come to enjoy the shows and concerts on the streets, boat and jet ski races, the amusement games like the wheel of fortune, the street stands, the sales on the stores, and all kinds of food.
Yesterday Andrew had a rehearsal, but I went with my fabulous friends Diosa and Cristina (Jamaica/Venezuela and Spain), so there you had three crazy loud latins having one of the times of our life. I ate, danced and walked like if there was no tomorrow.
And by the end of the day, Cristina and I went totally nuts and took the Booster (Fabbri ride). There was people crying after the ride, screaming like crazy, and well, since I did the bungee jump and the space shot, I thought there was no biggie, but was by far the thrillest ride ever!!!

Diosa and Cristina: I totally love Diosa's jumpsuit! She bought it in Barcelona. 

A joggling street show and the performers. Their clothes is inspired in ancient Viking History

A band from Cuba!

Diosa enjoying the offers:

Jet ski races:

The booster:

Feeling we were dying!

Cristina and me on the highest point of the Booster

And finally Drammen's Sunset

I am wearing a vintage top: 
Cubus shorts (black and white squares)
Amount spent on this outfit: Nothing

Makeup: MAC and Chanel products

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