Friday, August 9, 2013

It's getting cold

Oh my, it is just the beginning of August and at nights it is getting really cold! The sky is cloudy and I am a mosquitoe magnet. However, the air is super clean here and I feel full of energy because my lungs have plenty of oxigen, specially if you compare the hills from Norway with Mexico City, perhaps the most polluted city in the world. Both worlds have their charm, but they are entirely different!
There was no way I could bring all my clothes, shoes and accessories to Norway so for the next couple of months I will have to be creative! :)
Tomorrow Andrew's brother is getting married and well... you'll see our little surprise for the happy couple :)
Andrew outside the cabin, with some rain. I love the spot effect on the picture because of the raindrops.

Me outside the cabin :)

 All in blue
Jersey: vintage
Skirt: Got it on a sale for around 4 USD
Leggins: Vintage
Boots: I borrowed them from my mother in law :)
The beret has appeared previously here:

Total amount spent on this outfit: 4 USD

The makeup: 
I've darkened a little bit my hair, added some drama to the eyes, and tried to keep the rest of the face in nude tones :)
Everything is MAC and Chanel

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