Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One month, 30 outfits

And finally, even with all my delays, I gathered again 30 outfits!! :)

All the outfits are low cost and if you want to have more information about anyone, just check previous entries :)

*Grey Jersey
*White mini skirt

*At least one party dress and heels that match (silver shoes is always a good choise)

*Stripes: On a top, skirt or dress, always matchable

* Black and white pants, they are in every store and go with everything

*Yellow: try to have it at least in one thing: top, jacket, blazer, skirt, mini skirt, pants, it always brings an awesome contrast and fills you with energy

*Black and white mini skirt: Monochrome is always a go when you don't have a clue of what to wear and looks awesome

* Solid blue: Always keep it in your closet.

* (Faux) Leaher jacket. Good for any ocation and can give you a classy look same as an edgy look

* Printed pants: you need to have at least one pair

* Casual dresses: They are never enough!! To feel that you haven't used them before, add something on the top, or different belts, socks, leggins, there are many ways to wear a dress

* Black tight mini skirt: It is a life saver when your dress is too short

* Black leggins or tights. Always usable!!

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