Tuesday, August 27, 2013

From the Archive: 30 outfits

This was the first compilation of 30 outfits in my blog, but I didn't check by then the highlights of the month, so, here they are again! I hope you like it, a little bit improved.
Highlights of the month: 

Black shorts:  Match everything

Denim shorts: always good when you don't have time. 

Skirts that are short on the front and long on the back: They can be from the most casual to super chic, and the lightest fabric is the most comfy.

LBD (Litttle black dress) you have to have at least one in your closet!!

Jumpsuits: Each time they are more popular and I love them. Perfect for holidays and for the city with leggins :)

Casual dresses: Never enough. Have at least 2 without prints because they are the easiest to match.

Boots above the knee. Each time they are more popular, but generally they are not good for walking, so, use them for bars, pubs, restaurants, movies, theater, any place where you know you wont walk much. :)

I hope you liked it!!
For more information about the outfits scroll back to previous entries :)

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