Monday, August 12, 2013

The wedding of my brother in law

This is me, before the party :)
And finally after many years together, and a beautiful son called Oskar Emil, Kenneth: Andrew's brother got married with Kathrine :) That was the main reason why the way back to Norway was urgent :) and our surprise for them was a song Andrew and I prepared (I got you babe, from Sonny and Cher). Unfortunally since I had the camera with me, I don't appear in any of the group pictures, but many were taken so I have to wait a couple of days to show them to you! :)
And me again :)

A little bit of drama on the makeup

The bride arriving with her father. I loved her dress!

Kenneth and Kathrine after the ceremony :)

Oskar, my awesome nephew

And some of the fabulous cakes my mother in law prepared... I couldn't stop eating!!

I'll get the pictures where I appear very soon :)

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