Saturday, August 17, 2013

Friends night

Originally Andrew and I were supposed to spend tops 3 months in Mexico, but we had the hell of a good time traveling all over the country (he even managed to drive all the way to Cancun -the Mexican Caribbean beach-), and we spent a great time with my family in many other places, so one month led to another, and without noticing, soon it had passed 8 months! So, yesterday night, we were invited to the bar where Andrew and his friends used to meet, and there he was Mr. Congeniality, and I was so happy of seeing how much he had been missed :) . I didn't take pictures there because I forgot my camera, but I will next time. Everybody was so nice and happy to see him! So, this pictures were taken before we left. By now, it is getting dark at around 9 or 9.30 pm, so, if I am right, Andrew took them at around 8 pm. And the picture of the landscape was in our way but it has terrible quality because I took it from the car and with my cellphone. I will upload many more of our little "town" very soon :)

From the bridge, a Drammen's sunset.

Jacket and Skirt: Bik Bok Sales
Top: Vintage

Makeup: Mac, Chanel and L'Oréal

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