Sunday, January 5, 2014

The purple tights

You might have noticed how much I love tights, all kinds of colors and textures! They are the perfect accessory, and in autumn/winter it is the perfect time to take them out of your closet and use them in any kind of outfit. And in my case, I'd never liked my legs too much (they are too pale and always have bruises since I am playing with my dog all day long, and also I have all kind of bug bite marks -being allergic to mosquito bites doesn't help-), but since I can't live without my precious skirts, the tights are life savers. If you wanna stand out, go for risky combinations!
In this case I tried to keep it simple, and make sure the purple stood out with neutral colors on the rest of the outfit.

Outfit details:
T-shirt: Flea market (Less than 1  USD)

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