Sunday, May 17, 2015

Addams Family

When I was a kid I absolutely loved the Addams Family. Still do now. I remember they repeated the black and white 60's series constantly and I was a huge fan of Wednesday, since she had Kitty Cat (a lion) and loved to dance. Lurch was also one of my favorite characters, and let's not even start with the deep love of Gomez and Morticia. So, although I know I have had my blog quite abandonned recently (but that is because I am documenting myself and studying way loads to make it many times better), yesterday that I was talking with a friend, it came out that would be super cool to become Morticia and Wednesday for a picture (we were itzy bitsy tipsy, on a friend reunion), so we got snapped with a cellphone camera that is quite decent, and the rest... well, was photoshop "magic". It is very rudimentary and I was just bending my knees to look shorter, so, the edition is not professional either. But here is the result. I hope you laugh. 

In case you wonder... click below to see the original picture ;)
And here is the original one!!

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