Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Special guest from El Salvador, trendy Raquel

 Alexa Chung wears stripes all the time, so in!!
And finally we have more collaborations from South America. In this case, for the first time, is the chance of El Salvador. As latin, I totally love latin people, because they are warm, friendly and cheerful. And besides that, Raquel is super chic. She has a blog that she writes with her best friend, María José, and I think both are lovely.
They are both constantly checking celebrities styles, and that's one of their inspirations.
María José doesn't have many pictures of her in their blog, but her articles are amazing!
And Raquel had many beautiful outfits so it was almost impossible for me to pick one, but I totally fell in love with the yellow shoes. I always love to add a touch of color to a monochrome outfit.
And here is their blog: http://www.ourfavoritestyle.com
Thank you so much, girls!
 Perfect accessories :)

 I'm dying for yellow shoes!

Here are both of them: Raquel, and María José :)

Beautiful landscape from El Salvador :)

El Salvador, super trendy!!
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