Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I was just in the mood for purple today! :)

Special guest: Deea Ella, from beautiful Romania

 Her style is so relaxed and yet so girly!

Special guest: Timbo, All the way from Slovakia!!

 I love how she looks without a necklace!!

Special guest: Elena, Russian chic

 I'm always afraid of pink, I think I would look really corny, but on Elena looks just great!!

Special guest: Coco, Turkey has style!!

 I love the red shoes and the yellow blazer!

Special guest: Marta from Poland

 Don't you think she is lovely? :)

Monday, April 22, 2013


Shantal and Dharia: two versions of the LBD

Shantal: For the club
You just need a pair of closed high heels and a nice hair do and you are done!!
Black will always make you stylish, thinner and classy!
And she is really pretty!

Dharia: For the movies
Flats, a contrasting accessory (as the bag) and any kind of hair do, and you are ready for a casual night out still looking classy :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1 skirt, 4 different outfits, find new combinations!

1._ Clubbing. 
Black is an awesome color for going to party. Don't forget nice high heels and cool accessories.

2._ Casual
Tights are always comfy and with flats look amazing. Add color!! This is perfect for a casual dinner or a movies afternoon.

3._ Outdoor activities
Cotton T-shirt, tennis shoes, socks and small accesories are ideal for walking, a day in the park, a day in the amusement park, taking your dog out for a walk or to get an ice-cream.

4._ Ready to work
If it is a mini-skirt add pantyhose and closed high-heels and maybe just one more color. Perfect!

Spring outfit, show your legs!

 If you wanna improve your super casual look, add a top with some volume and lots of color.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Costume time!

Pirate! The good thing about this one is that even if there is another pirate in the party, the costumes are almost never exactly the same :)

Something as burlesque-cheshire-cat. I had to improvise since the costume I was expecting got delayed in the mail (princess Leia in her slave costume)

And I used it the following year but I was fat by then, so I don't dare to show the whole body picture :p

Sexy Red Riding Hood!

And Mrs. Claus. I made my bf dress as Santa ;) 
Do you dare to use it in your Christmass dinner? 
Aside me is a piñata, it is full of candy and you're supposed to hit it with a stick with your eyes cover, one by one while the others sing untill it breaks, so everyone can have candy!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Faux suede skirt!

Want a make-up tutorial? :)

Do you wanna learn how to have this make-up look? Let me know asap :)

Kat: All the way from Philippines!

She told me her dress was 7 USD and her bag was just 5 USD!!

Giovanna's got the style!

I found this lovely girl on the street and I had to photograph her. She is cute and she is stylish!!
I loved she didn't take off her glasses for the picture, and you gotta love them!!

Make-up essentials

Some stuff every girl must have in her make-up kit :)
If you are not very interested in make-up but you wanna look good and you don't know what to buy to make your kit, this things will keep you ready for any occasion.

Flat short boots: the best for walking :)