Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pink and black in 3 variations

Today I introduce you 3 outfits in pink and black. I really hope you like them!! :)
Outfit 1: Short dress 60's inspired and black tights

Outfit 2: Same dress, same tights, boots instead of heels, and a grey hoodie

Outfit 3: Same tights, same boots, black skirt with studs and pink tee

My little today's creation:

Special guests from Canada: Joelle and Zeke

Sunday, October 6, 2013

A little bit of creativity

Retro chic with 3 variations

Variation one: Dress and tights (sunny morning)

Variation 2: With a pink jersey (chilly afternoon)

Variation 3: My fake fur coat (cold evening)

My first splatter portrait. Still a long way to go but it was not bad!! :)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Concealer tricks: Makeup Tutorial

Many girls think that the concealer is just to avoid the eye bags, but there is nothing as wrong as that. Generally we all have one or two defects we would love to either correct with plastic surgery (but not all of us can afford it) or to hide them for ever. But the concealer can make you sculpt your face in many different ways, make you hide wrinkles, zits, zit scars, dark spots, red spots, and many things. So, here are few secrets on how to improve your face with concealer before applying the foundation.
Many movie stars use ALL these tricks at once, but perhaps you just need help in one or two things. I don't use all of them, and sometimes I combine different things, depending on the effect I want, what I am wearing, where I am going, and all that.
Many of my clients get surprised after I finish applying makeup on them saying something as "my face looks way much thinner" "I look younger" "my wrinkles seem smaller", "I look full of light". And the secret is in the concealer.