Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1 skirt, 4 different outfits, find new combinations!

1._ Clubbing. 
Black is an awesome color for going to party. Don't forget nice high heels and cool accessories.

2._ Casual
Tights are always comfy and with flats look amazing. Add color!! This is perfect for a casual dinner or a movies afternoon.

3._ Outdoor activities
Cotton T-shirt, tennis shoes, socks and small accesories are ideal for walking, a day in the park, a day in the amusement park, taking your dog out for a walk or to get an ice-cream.

4._ Ready to work
If it is a mini-skirt add pantyhose and closed high-heels and maybe just one more color. Perfect!
Do you have that garment in your closet that you just don't know how to mix without doing exactly the same combination once and again?
This entry is different and shows 4 different outfits with the same skirt and I hope it can give you ideas of how to mix your clothes, the possibilities are endless!!
The skirt is from H&M from the spring summer collection 2012 and was around 10 USD when I bought it. The rest is low cost :)

Skirt: Seen before here:

On pic number 2: Top H&M Basics for around 8 USD
Tights: 4 USD
Necklace: Around 6 USD
Shoes: Got them on a sale for around 6 USD

On pic number 3: T-shirt, got it in the souvenirs shop in Loch Ness, don't remember the price.
Socks: 50 cents in a market :p
Tennis: Got them in a sale for around 6 USD :p

On pic number 4: Top: Got it on a sale for around 5 USD

Tips to find new combinations:

*Don't be afraid of mixing contrasting colors, 2 different prints, solid colors, or things you would have never imagine.
*Write what you have used with what to avoid repeating soon the same combination.
*Try different hair do's because your face and your combination will not always match with it and will force you to try something new.
*Fill your closet with simple pieces in different solid colors without printing, they are the easiest thing to match. Example: 2 mini skirts: one totally black and one totally lemon green
*Add color to your closet: a pair of black shorts wont look at all like the same one with a black top than with a deep pink one, or with boots will look entirely different than with sandals.

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