♥ Male Inspiration ♥

I know I have weird taste in male celebrities (everybody knows how cute is Johnny Depp, for example, but he is not my type). So this section will only have male models, actors, musicians... well, no... Actually any man that (to me) is an inspiration in style, class and personality. From any age, country or sexual orientation. I don't care. And the list will keep on growing :)
(No particular order)

Rufus Sewell
The most enigmatic look in the film industry

 Guy Pearce
Sexy always has a touch of serious

Retro influence and funky colors

Cillian Murphy
The expression has a face

Paul Newman (young)
Classically manly

James Franco
What do we girls have for writers?

Jesse Eisenberg
Childish features that makes me wanna hold him.
Mar Ruffalo
Discretion and elegance

Ian Somerhalder
Simply... Intensity!

Nigel Barker
The English Gentleman

Kris Lemche
A touch of danger

Noah Segan
The Rebel Boy

River Phoenix
The bad kid with nice feelings

Josh Holloway
Strong Personality

Jared Leto
Defender of the animal rights. The dream of any animal lover like me.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson
The (not so) good boy

Dwayne Johnson, "The Rock"
Whaaat? Wait! Before you ask yourself: What is a wrestler doing here??? He is very skilled at acting, he is funny, he is a musician as well, a philanthropist. And bloody hot!

Christian Bale
Multifaceted actor

Ewan McGregor
An actor that likes challenges, adventures and bykes

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