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Otljana, Albania                   Lala, Argentina                Cherie, Australia

Eloisa, Mexico                  Maja, Montenegro              Malikaa, Moroccoo

Chalotte, Denmark        Cherina, Dominican Republic        Passant Adel, Egypt

This blog is different, it is not centered in fashion weeks or street style stars, but in regular people from ALL OVER the world.  Girls and boys that like fashion and/or makeup (more after the pictures) -->

Diana, Guatemala                  Alexa, Honduras                Maggie, Hungary

Iris, Netherlands                Shana, Nigeria            Stephanie, Norway

Kanwal, United Arab Emirates          Chrissy, USA              Maria, Venezuela         

I love traveling, every country has something magnificent and lovely to show and offer, and definitely wonderful people, and about fashion, every country has different things to show, and yet some things are the same. There are good things, people, and surprises everywhere. I love meeting people and I think we are all wonderful and have something to share with the world! I like to go deeper and know what girls on the other side of the world think and feel, what they like, what we all like :) -->

Sabrina, Austria                            Georgina, Bahrain                          Toma, Bangladesh

Marie, Panama                        Analy, Peru                       Fae, Philippines

Aaron Joel (photographer), Vietnam                      Miranda, Zambia

So, if you would like to see your pictures here, YOU DON'T NEED TO HAVE A BLOG (although I love bloggers, of course), and all I need is is between 3 and 4 pictures of you wearing the same outfit preferably in daylight, with anything you would like to tell me about yourself (they don't have to be professional, but clear enough) If you have them write/contact me:

Valentina, Belarus                    Charlotte, Belgium           Ivana, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Boys and girls welcome, ANY AGE!  

Roxanne, India                  Zsazsa, Indonesia              Lara, Ireland

Diana, Singapore                     Simona Slovakia                         Brina, Slovenia

If you have your pics, contact me and you are ready to become an ambassador of  your Country in Dharia's Closet!!

The ways to contact me:
Write an e-mail to me (crystal_fairy01@hotmail.com)
or Add me to Google+, and send me a hangout;  
or add me to Facebook (like my page) https://www.facebook.com/Dhariascloset and send me a private message :). 

Soraya, Brazil                         Keit, Bulgaria                        Krystin, Canada

Marta, Poland                    Mariana, Portugal                     Khloe, Romania

I keep all the information confidential and my only intention is to exchange fashion ideas with beautiful people from all over the world. I always credit the blogs where the pictures from other bloggers come from, and if you want to know anything about THEIR pictures, style or blog, you have to contact them. 

Valeria, Chile                    Xinyi, China                 Diana, Colombia

* There is still a list of lovely bloggers and street stylers waiting to be published here after they accepted my invitation, so for SURE everyone will appear here, either the ones I invited personally or that wrote to me. But please be patient. I love to make the entries but it is a lot of work. :) Sooner or later you'll see your pictures here!

Anat, Israel                             Sara, Italy                        Youlia, Japan

Noelia, Costa Rica               Sonja, Croatia                    Klara, Czech Republic


Raquel, El Salvador                  Eneli, Estonia                      Sandra, Finland

Anika, Kazakhstan                   Audrey, Kenya                       Maddie, Latvia

Eda, Turkey                Alexandra, UK                        Olya, Ukraine

*The girls that appear in the pictures of this tab, are just some of all the beautiful people and bloggers that have appeared previously in my blog. All the links to their blogs (when they have them) are in the entries where they appear. :) I tried to pick one of each different Country that has been featured here, just as a fabulous example of how wonderful my special guests are and to thank them for their support as well :) , but ALL of them (either if they appear in this tab or not, are awesome unique fashionistas).

Mathilde, France                 Sarah, Germany             Veronika, Greece

Tracy, Lebanon                          Guste, Lithuania                     Valeria, Luxembourg

Zarwana, Sweden                Tanii, Switzerland                    Apple, Thailand

For any other inquiries feel free to contact me :)

Sunshine Sparkle, Macedonia            Harleen, Malaysia               Ivana, Mauritius

Elena, Russia                       Kissy, Scotland                   Andrea, Serbia

Reolebogile, South Africa      Junghyun Yoo, South Korea        Maria, Spain

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