Thursday, May 30, 2013

Special guest: Patricia from Lebanon and her amazing eyes

 I love the shorts with the cat print!
I finally was able to contact someone from Lebanon :) . In my neighborhood we have a lot of Lebanese people and I've always felt close to them. They are hard workers, very kind, sweet, they are always in the mood for a chat, and they are also always willing to help. I love them. However, funny destiny, almost all my Lebanese friends are boys, so it was very hard to get in touch with a chic girl, but I was lucky!
I found Patricia, and she has gorgeous eyes and smile, and a very nice sense of fashion, and she loves big, weird accessories, like me!  Here she is, all the way from Lebanon! Thank you, Patricia!
 Charcoal black hair! Fabulous!

 The pink blazers are super in.

Love her nails!!

Great picture from Lebanon!

Lebanon: Lovely people!

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