Monday, May 6, 2013

Special guests from Brazil: Soraya and Fred are ready for the carnival! :)

 The knitted top on top of the black one and the flowers skirt is awesome!
I love the "messy" hair!!
Perhaps what we have heard the most about Brazil is its amazing Carnival! I wanna be there at least once!!!
But, what is not to love about Brazil? Samba, Bossa Nova, Capoeira, Ellis Regina, Joao Gilberto, Paralamas, the Fabelas, and recently the movie Rio!! It is the second time I see in a movie for kids that Brazil has a big part in the film, and I LOVE IT!!  When I knew that the characters are located in Rio de Janeiro, I ran to watch it!! I know it is not nearly as being there, but the movie let me dream and felt as a kid. I was almost as excited as when I saw The Three Caballeros with my dad when I was a kid:  . One of the 2 friends of Donald Duck is Panchito, that is a Mexican Rooster, and José Carioca, that is a Brazilian Parrot!! Donald takes a journey with them to find the better of those countries and he has the time of his life!!! José Carioca appears playing some flute, speaking with a very strong Brazilian accent (adorable), and he takes Donald to Bahia!!! If you haven't seen it and you like cartoons, you HAVE TO!
A very recent movie called Cidade de Deus (City of God) shows the story of the fabelas. It is incredible!!
And well, Soraya is Brazilian!! She is cool, she has a style that rocks, and she has the most adorable dog ever! ( I know I always say that, but as soon as I see a new animal, I can't avoid saying the same thing, they are all sooooo darn precious!!!)
She is beautiful, she knows how to dress and she has the Brazilian blood! I mean: she shines!
Here is her blog:
I love her tattoos and her look! She seems so relaxed!

Her cowboy alike boots are great! And seem super comfy!

The bag rules!

This is Fred with Soraya, but he is sooooo cute that...

He deserved a solo pic!!
I think this blog might better be called "Pets and Fashion" :)

 Brazil's Carnival!

Brazil: Carnival, Football and fun!!

Thank you very much, Soraya!


  1. Lovely, Hi thanks for stopping by my blog, Of course i will love to represent Nigeria my country on your blog, you can use my pics:)


  2. this girl has a really edgy style I love it, and the dog is so cute.. thanks for your comment on my blog. lei que me ubicaste por chicisimo, que gran idea que publiques sobre bloggers de varios países, tienes mi permiso de publicar mis fotos mientras coloques los links a mi blog, y así ser la blogger de Venezuela :) déjame saber cuando publiques algo para verlo.. gracias xoxo

  3. y así puedo promoverte en mi blog.. xoxo

  4. Hola nena, que buen blog y muy diferente. Claro que podrías usar mis fotos si me nombras! Un besote desde Venezuela


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