Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Special guest: Great Sharena, from USA

Besides lovely and cheerful, Sharena is stylish, super cute, with an awesome body, long hair, and fabulous big eyes with kilometric eyelashes. She immediately replied to me but since I was working in the fantasy pictures project, I was a little bit delayed. She has wonderful outfits and pictures and was terribly hard for me to pick one, but I went for this one, because mixing red and gold requires courage, but she really makes it work!! http://fashionofanovice.blogspot.com Check her blog!
She manages to look sexy but still not saturated, and very girly! I love it!
Thank you so much, Sharena!!
I love that gold is coming back!

 A pic of Tennessee, her home state :)

Love the States!

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  1. how gooooorgeous is this dress Sharena is wearing...I love the handpiece and she is so pretty!!

    great post Dharia!!

    kisses from Amsterdam

    tamara Chloé

  2. Thnx, Tamara!!! I think the dress is awesome too! Keep in touch! xoxoxo

  3. Awh, thank you Dharia for putting me on my blog! (:


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