Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sailor and Pink

I am sorry I have been absent for such a long time. You know I really like working in my blog. Well, we had a family tragedy, our little 11 year old dog had to be put to sleep last week. It was horrible, but we all agreed it was the best since we didn't want him to suffer. So, after crying, we lighted a candle for him and sending him my best wishes with all my family for him to go to dog's heaven, and Andrew was the most supportive boyfriend ever.
But since my mom was also very sad, when I started feeling better, Andrew and I decided to find a dog for adoption, since in Mexico there are many abandoned poor animals that need our support and love. And we found him!!
He is a Shetland Sheep Dog, and he is very, very shy, easy to get scared and nervous, but little by little he is getting confident and he seems happy with us. We'll do the best to give him a happy place. And we will always love Segis (my doggy that just passed away). However... WE CAN'T FIND A NAME! Any suggestions?
Back in fashion and friends, Leuman and Gustavo had a classical music gig in a pub close to home, and I did my best taking them some pickies. So... a lot going on. We also need to start planning our trip back to Norway! Well... I hope you like my entry. I am back!!

The dress has appeard previously here: 
The shoes have appeared previously here: 
And the top was bought in a local store on a sale for around 3 USD

The boys:


Our beloved dog that passed away and became an angel-dog :)
Segis: This is his last picture :) I will always love him.

The new nameless fella.
Learning how to drive.

Taking a nap

WWE night with daddy

Love you all!!
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