Sunday, August 18, 2013

Birthday girl

3 weeks ago (exactly) it was my birthday. I was not sure in making a party or not since honestly I don't like to feel I am getting older. But by the other hand, it was the first time in the last 4 years that I was in Mexico, so, at the last minute, I sent some invitations by FB, and I was very surprised that many more friends than I expected showed up. However, with Kenneth's wedding, the flight to Norway, being a new dog's mom (and by now my mom is taking care of Lorenzo, she says he is doing fine but I miss him loads), and all that, I didn't have time to post the pictures until today :)
 Before the party
 Originally this dress was longer, but I cut it at the last minute

Lorenzo with his first necktie to receive the visits. Finally looking at the camera!
He liked the tie... was really yummy to chew... that's why it has spots

 Lorenzo being cheecky with Harry and Rita. I love them.

Birthday cake :)

Dress: 5 USD on a street market
Shoes: 9 USD Shasa sales
Makeup: MAC and Chanel

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