Sunday, February 2, 2014

Special guest: Lovely Armi, Philippines

This time it is the turn of Armi, a beautiful young girl from the Philippines, with a lovely fashion blog. Her style is neat, girly, sweet, very fresh (no wonder, since it is hot in Philippines), some make up tutorials, and some inspirational pictures, that I love.
In this case, I went for this outfit because although it is quite "simple", the harmony of colors make her look super classy, the cut of the pants super slim and tall, and the background certainly matches the palette. Her skin is warm and she use warm colors, and her straight hair makes her look even more stylized.
Again, I hate to use pants, but she looks stunning.
For more nice outfits, check her blog:
Thank you very much, Armi! :)

♥♥ Philippines ♥♥

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