Sunday, February 2, 2014

Special guest: Sweet Raquel from Spain

According to the color psychology, purple in all of its variations, defines class, power and authority (to mention some), and the truth is that since it is sometimes hard to combine, many of us are scared to use it, but a little bit of purple can make us stand out and look superb. That's what Raquel did. She styled it with neutral colors (light blue on her jeans, and white on her sweater), making her outfit very powerful but not aggressive. If you put her in a line with other girls wearing jeans (they always wear them with sneakers or flats and a neutral color on the top), she would defo stand out but not in a bad way at all... she might make you wanna know her even more. Everything about this outfit is right!
Raquel, from Spain, besides being beautiful and adorable, has a very feminine neat style with a very personal touch, most of the times in jewelry (she has wonderful accessories) and I can bet she loves sparkling things because she almost always wears something that shines. She stands out with a lot of class, and that also can give you a lot of ideas for working outfits. I really like her style.
Here is her blog's url:
Finally the reason why I picked this outfit is because you know I hate to use jeans, but she looks stunning! And the purple boots stole my heart!
Thank you so much, Raquel :)

 ♥♥ USA ♥♥

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