Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Special guest: Astonishing Nora, UK rules!

The good news is that I am back, and although I won't be able to make a post every single day, I am planning to make one at least twice a week. The bad news is that I am super delayed with the Special Guest entries, and I really need to feature all this wonderful people. 
So, to start with a strong step, today I am featuring Nora, from the UK, that is probably one of my favorite places for street stylers. Unique, classy, and beautiful as herself. In this particular case, since I am back to excersise (yeah... I know... but I was starting to look like a pigglet), a big problem I face with it is that (for me) it is nearly impossible to be comfy AND chic at the same time. I am married to my old cotton pants, and my tank tops. Nothing chic at all. I need to feel able to move, free, comfy, but I would love to look as chic as Nora. And I think that is the best way to describe her style in her whole blog: Comfy chic. 
I haven't seen her using (in all of her amazing outfits) anything that makes her look baggy, or not chic enough, so, it is defo gonna help me get some inspiration now that my style needs to change for the new ways of living I am getting used to. Check her blog: http://undersizedcloset.blogspot.co.uk/
And in this particular case... I am totally terrified of a dress with flats, or sneakers (not heels) but I loved how she made the outfit rock!
Thank you so much, Nora, you rule!

♥ UK ♥

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