Thursday, August 21, 2014

Special guest: Georgia, I am crazy about Brits

What is not to love about the Brit style? Nothing! They are crazy, sexy, edgy, original, and really good at contrasts (styles, colors, accessories, everything!) I remember my times in the UK and they have been of the best experiences of my life. Brits are funky, social, very good chatters and I love their sense of humor. TV, books, and even in conversations.
And today (of course) after a long absence, I am introducing you to gorgeous Georgia (hey, it is a verse!) from my beloved UK. I had a very bad time choosing an outfit because I loved every single one she has. She obviously has some grunge influences that she manages to use with a girly touch, looking super pretty, sexy and (as I love) edgy! Her blog is full of beautiful unique outfits combined with inspiration pics of the fashion celebrities, and she even gives you some tips of how to make a celebrity style your own. She also gives you tips of clothing pieces that can't be missed in your closet whatever your style is. 
She is beautiful, talented and unique. Gotta love this.
And the reason why I chose (at last) this outfit is... well, there are many. One is that as you know I love the black and white combination (monochrome), I am crazy about hats, and also stockings. But I don't use stockings very often because I don't like my legs. However I think she looks wonderful. What about the print on the tee? Don't you think it is amazing?
 If you wanna check more about her awesome style, don't forget to visit her blog!
And about me, I am doing OK, but I am involved in a movie project so, having been co-writing, pre producing, and also practicing  my photography has kept me very busy but I am well and I am preparing for a huge come back. Meanwhile, enjoy the ideas of my amazing friend.
Thank you so much, Georgia, you rock!

♥ UK ♥

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