Sunday, April 14, 2013

70's spirit!

This can also be a day look, that's why I used the sunglasses for the pictures.
Don't you love the look of the 70's? it is gorgeous, bands on the head, straight hair, ultra mini-skirts, boots, colors, flared pants... all a fashionista loves!
And when I took a dive into my closet I found this dress I made last year! I even forgot I had it, but after looking at it I remember that when I saw the fabric I inmediately thought "70's".
I studied for a while clothes making but honestly I sucked compared to what my mates were making so I decided I was better in stylism and make-up. Enjoy!!

I know I have a head band somewhere but I just couldn't find it.

I don't have white platform or white boots (yet), that's why I went for these shoes.

More colors!

2 diferent necklaces
And earrings that matched the dress!!

Dress: I spent in materials and fabric around 3 USD
Necklaces: You already know them ;) but you have seen the mushroms one here:
and the owl one here:
Earings: Fantasy jewelry
Shoes: I don't remember, but I got them on a sale... tops 10 USD
Bag: It was around 10 USD

Make-up: MAC

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