Monday, April 22, 2013

Shantal and Dharia: two versions of the LBD

Shantal: For the club
You just need a pair of closed high heels and a nice hair do and you are done!!
Black will always make you stylish, thinner and classy!
And she is really pretty!

Dharia: For the movies
Flats, a contrasting accessory (as the bag) and any kind of hair do, and you are ready for a casual night out still looking classy :)

Little secret: In my outfit I used a top and a stretch skirt, but if you use them together, you can make everyone else think you are using a dress :)
The Snake Necklace has previously been seen here:
The flat leopart shoes have been seen here:
The Skirt was bought in H&M 3 years ago for around 8 USD :)

Make-up MAC

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