Sunday, April 28, 2013

Become taller wearing just one color

 This season I'm loving the skirts that are short on the front and long on the back!
I am NOT tall at all: 1.62, 5ft 3 and a half inches.
But I was so happy to notice that in this pictures I look at least 1.75!!
How did I make it? Easy!! Using just one color, an A skirt, and high heels!!!
Want a tip? It is not a dress, it is a top and a skirt exactly the same color. I put the top inside the skirt and then used a corset-type belt. Never use this kind of belts tight or you can end up with jelly rolls either below your chest, or below your waist :).
 A corset belt has to be always in your closet.

Blue earings to match.

And a seahorse! I made the necklace :)

The top was around 4 USD in a steet market
The belt was around  USD in a street market
The earings are fantasy jewelry
I made the necklace :)

Make-up: MAC
The entire amount spent on this outfit was 4 USD!!

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