Sunday, April 21, 2013

Purple leggins and the Cheshire Cat

I absolutely love the Cheshire cat and everything related to Alice in Wonderland!! So, when I saw this t-shirt on the supermarket (in the kids' section) around a month ago, I had to have it!!!
I almost never wear purple but I thought that I finally use those tights that matched the cat perfectly!!

I cut the neck of the shirt to make it more comfy, I don't like to feel tight around the neck. 

* Sunglasses: previously seen here:
and here:
*T-shirt: Bought it at Wall-Mart (no kidding)  in the kids section for around 8 USD
*Skirt: Bought it at H&M around 3 years ago for around 8 USD by then
*Tights: 4 USD in a market
*Shoes: previously seen here:
*The necklace: It's worth nothing, bought it long time ago and it broke and I fixed it the best way I could

Make-up: MAC

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