Monday, April 29, 2013

Same outfit, different shoes, and my handmade necklace

If you notice the outfit looks totally different with the hair up and down, and with high heels and flats! From chic and classy to comfy and casual! So, remember: you can create a whole new outfit just using different shoes!

These shoes were originally over 200 USD but I got them on a great sale!!

Light make-up and my extra large necklace I made yesterday!

Secret: It is not a dress, it is a long top so I am using an A skirt under it to give some volume and feel more comfy.
On the outfit number one:
Top: Under 4 USD in a market
Skirt: (Not visible) around 12 USD on a sale
Shoes: Got them on a super sale for less than 20 USD!
Necklace: I made it
Earings: Fantasy jewelry

On the second outfit the only thing that changes is the hair and the shoes.
Shoes: previously seen here: on the outfit with red tights.