Thursday, April 4, 2013

A little bit of a cowgirl

What accessory could be better than boots and a hat?
I've never been too keen in stuff hanging from the vests or in brown leather, so, this is my little urban twist to the "cowboys" theme. I hope you enjoy!
Instead of brown I went for black, instead of leather for stripes and instead of spurs... for snakes!!
And what to have on the hand instead of a gun? Your sunglasses! The duel is for the one that takes off the sunglasses faster, and I will win!

 My silver "tooth"

Hat: Got it in an airport for around 5 USD
Necklace and earings: You already know them ;)
Top: Courtesy of my cousin Lorena
Shorts: You already know them ;)
Boots: You already know them!!
Bag: You already know it!

Make-up: MAC

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