Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Snakes and Dragons

I know that in the olden days it was not "correct" to mix silver and golden accessories, but what if you want to? Again, my rule would be that as long as you feel comfy, just go for it.
And also fashion is supposed to be fun, so I don't really see a point following the "old rules" or making always your shoes match your bag, for example. Be creative and have fun when you dress! Let your personality come out!
 Hair up to make the accessories more visible :)
And we have talked about the red a couple of days ago, it can be very strong, but if you feel like that one day it is really cool. Sometimes we wake up with protagonical instincts ;) and when that happens, it is time to let the red shine!!
So, since the theme accessories (owls, snakes, iguanas, dragons, hello-kitty and whatever you can imagine) is super fashionable right now, I didn't see any problem mixing them. Dragons in golden, and snakes in silver. Lets shine!
I know that this combination might look crazy for many of you, but still, I love it. I wanted to catch some looks!
The bag and shoes neutralize a little bit the strenght of black and red 
 Don't you think the dragon earing holding my ear is cool? :)

Still, as I almost always do, added some brown to avoid looking as a goth princess or as a Tim Burton character (nothing against them, just not my style), so, I suggest if you are planning to use red and black, to add another color (preferebly neutral, or at least not solid), and to keep the lips in a light color. If you mix red with red lips you will defo look as a clown ;).
Here it is. Hope you like it.

 Snakes!! Comming strong this year

 A snake and a dragon, why not?

 You already know the dragons on my hose!!

 What about my hair low?

Boots that are on the way to look beautifully old!!

And the bag... you already know it!!

Black top: I got it in H&M basics around 2 years and a half ago
Red top: Also H&M basics around 2 years ago
Skirt: Got it on a sale for around 8 USD
Hose: You already know them!
Shoes: I got them on a sale and they were 6 USD!!!
Bag: You already know it!!
Jewelry: All is fantasy jewelry, practically costed nothing
Make-up: MAC

Remember: A MUST in every girl's closet is a long sleeves black top. It is matchable with everything!
And in winter you can use it under your summer dresses, so you can make them wearable even in cold days!!

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