Tuesday, March 19, 2013


A Nice blue  dress with some prints!
I don't have light brown (as my boots) bag, so I decided to use a different color of blue, a color that matched what I was wearing. Even though, I've seen many celebrities such as Alexa, using bags different colors, so, the rule that the bag had to be the same color of your shoes is over!!! :) Still, it is always nice to have a nice bag. I just have 4, but I'm decided to work on that matter, and have different colors. I need to get a red one, and a wine color a well. A white one but with some kind of decoration would be cool as well!
Also, if we followed the accesories rules, we wouldn't use long earings with a big necklace, but just as Catherine Baba does more is more!!! :)

 Necklace inspired in vintage jewerly (but not pricy at all)

 Ultra long earings with some blue (of course, to keep the touch) :)

 Blue faux leather bag :)

Ultra long boots :)

Dress: Got it in the mall in a very famous store... try to guess!
Necklace and earings: Fantasy jewerly
Bag: Handcrafted
Boots: Got them in a second hand market
Make up: MAC

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