Thursday, March 28, 2013

White and brown

I'm not good to wake up early, I suck!
I'm not good at all to be all awaken and full of life in the early morning and defo it is not my best time to make businesses, thinking, calculations or any kind of mental challenge. I am and have always been a night owl and that's why when I have to do something early in the morning I have to plan in advance what to wear in order to look fresh, full of life, and obviously not half asleep (as it is always my case, at least before 2 cups of coffee), so, what better color to look awake and fresh than white? No one likes that someone says "look, she just woke up, she looks like a living-zombie" about you... At least not me! So, let's avoid that ;)
White is the new black according to trendsetters but still, if you don't match it with something you might end up looking like a lost bride or like a fancy nurse, so, I always try to add a little bit of color to loose soberness and delicacy and make it become funky, sexier and even cooler!
I'm sorry about the bag, should have gone for a red one, but again, I just matched white with white and didn't think clearly, but still, since it matches with the sunglasses I think it's ok :p
About the make-up, remember that the natural look is always the best during the day but I've always loved to add a little bit of drama to the eyes, can't help it! But if you wana follow the fashion rules, it would have been better to use brown eyeliner ;)
Let's find the car keys...
Hum... now where the heck did I leave the car?

Not there for what I see... (hehehe, the silly story is fake)

Long, long, long feather and faux leather necklace matching the belt and the boots ;)

I love these boots but I don't wear them too often because they are a little bit heavy. 

ALMOST natural! Can't help to add some drama ;)

Dress: H&M (around 22 USD)
Necklace: Fantasy jewelry
Ultra long earing: I made it ;)
Belt: Came for free with a skirt
Boots: I have had them for around 7 years, but they costed 7 USD!!!
Bag: You already know it, but was around 15 USD

Make-up: MAC

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